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Yankee III

Three years in the making, and now in a second edition, this book gives a short history of the celebrated J Boat Yankee, the 1935 36-inch long free-sailing model based on her, and an easy to build and sail radio control version. The modern model is made from structural foam covered with fiberglass, and was designed with the beginning builder in mind. 130 pages authored by Earl Boebert and illustrated with drawings by M de Lesseps. Available in electronic form only. CD with PDF files is $15.00 postpaid in the US, $25.00 postpaid elsewhere in the world. Download version, 150 MB in ZIP format, is $10.00. Checks or money orders to U S Vintage Model Yacht Group.

A review by Graham  Bantock can be found here.

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Yankee III
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The Yankee III prototype, on display at the
Museum of Yachting, Newport RI

Under sail.

If you wish more information, we have reprinted the Foreword and Introduction and have a list of the Contents. For those building boats, we have links to suppliers.


* Owners of the first edition can download the changes here (763k PDF).

First Out of the Box

Master builder Al  Suydam, who teaches at the WoodenBoat School, made this beauty using glass over balsa planks, a technique that I didn't recommend because of its difficulty for the beginning  builder. Al also stayed with the simpler single-headed rig used by John Black on  Yankee Jr., and used wood spars instead of the  arrow shafts recommended in the book. Al reports that the boat sails well and turns on a  dime.