If you'd like to build or restore a boat, we've got information on vintage construction methods, as well as our trials and tribulations in constructing one of the more difficult M class hulls.

We can even educate you on the theory and practice of sailmaking during the vintage era.

If this whets your appetite for making a replica of a vintage boat,we can help with a book that describes how to duplicate the plank on frame construction methods of the 1940's.

We also offer a videotape of workshops given by master builders Al Hubbard and Pete Peterson, on the same topic.

We try to include information on construction and sailing in every issue of our newsletter, which gets favorable mention in places like WoodenBoat Magazine.

Of course, most people can't build a boat without plans, and we tell you where and how to get those, too.


We've collected a small list of suppliers and other resources for people interested in building replicas, restoring old boats, or having boats built for them. We also offer links to other sites of interest.

The Fisher Drawings

Below we present two sides of a handout that was furnished by the late, lamented A.J. Fisher company to illustrate the use and placement of their fittings. The boat illustrated is one of the designs built for many years in the Detroit school system, and should serve as useful guides for restoration.

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