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Model Yachting in Marblehead and Boston

These pictures were collected by Jim Dolan, our archivist, and are just delightful.

Click on any of the pictures below to get a bigger image; all larger images are JPEGs of 20 to 40K or so. Use your browser's "Back" button to get back to this page.

Skiff sailing on the Charles, sometime before World War I.

What the well-dressed model yachtsmen wore back then. Redd's Pond, Marblehead, sometime in the 1920's. The boat is a Marblehead 450. I think we should make that the official Vintage Group hat design!

Another 450, from about the same era.

An earlier boat, probably from the Turn of the Century.

Launching what is probably an A Class boat at Redd's Pond. Probably before Prohibition started, or maybe it's root beer in that bottle!

Starting a M class race, Storrow Pond, sometime in the 1930's.