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Full-Sized Model Yacht Plans (Currently Unavailable)

M Boats at Marblehead, 1938.
We have shelved our project to put plans in electronic form, as there seems to be many other ways in which we can spend our energies serving our membership.We have over 300 plans in one form or another in our inventory. All of these are plans for boats that were designed to sail in the model classes (e.g., "M," "A," "X," etc.).

We have no plans for full-size boats. If you're looking for those, you should contact either The Information Seaway, who run a mailing list for scale modellers, or The Nautical Research Guild.

These plans are available from the Vintage Group. Please make checks out to U.S. Vintage Model Yacht Group. All prices are postpaid, Priority/Air Mail. Plans are rolled in a mailing tube, except for outside the U.S., where the various postal regulations force us to fold them. Add $5.00 for overseas postage, and U.S. funds only. See the store page for address and payment details.

36" LOA

Construction details and full-sized patterns for the 36" sharpie "Starlet" is in a back issue of our newsletter. $6.50

Thomas Darling's "20-rater," with that classic "J Boat" look. Bread and butter construction, one sheet, lines only, $30.00

Boucher "Osprey," 36" full keel boat, can be rigged as sloop or schooner. Construction details. 4 sheets, $40.00.

"Yankee Jr.", a semi-scale replica of the J boat "Yankee," lines only, one sheet, $30.00

M Class

"Madcap," Fin and skeg design by Richardson, one sheet, lines only, $30.00.

"Helen J," by Richardson, fin and skeg with overhang, lines only, one sheet, $30.00.

"Tefo IV" by Tex Foster, fin and skeg with overhang, lines only, one sheet, $30.00

Boucher M design, essentially a semi-scale "Shamrock" J boat hull scaled to 50" 2 sheets, $35.00.

Boucher M design by Paton Lewis, 40's fin and skeg design, 2 sheets with some construction detail, $35.00.

"Rip Tide," by Ted Houk. Fin and bulb free-sailer from the 1940s. Lines only. One sheet, $35.00.

"Venture," early fin and skeg boat by Howeler. Lines only. One sheet, $30.00.

"Broom IV" by Selmer Larson. Lines only. One sheet, $30.00.

"Warrior I," by Goodwin. Lines only, very rough plan but you can get the shape off it. One sheet. $30.00.

Other Designs

Boucher "Shamrock V," 45" LOA semi-scale model of Sir Thomas Lipton's J Boat challenger. Construction details. 2 sheets, $35.00.

Boucher "Sea Gull," 42" LOA full keel, can be rigged as marconi or gaff sloop. Construction details. 2 sheets, $35.00.

Boucher "Albatross," 50 1/4" LOA full keel design, can be rigged as marconi sloop, marconi or gaff schooner. Construction details. 2 sheets, $35.00.

Schooners, J-Boats, and 12 Metres

Rene Serrao has these available. Contact him at:
650 Ketch Harbour Rd.

Portuguese Cove N.S.
Canada B3V 1K1
902 868 2954

"A" Boat Plans

Charlie Blum at PondYachts.net is offering a 4-sheet plans set for an "A" class boat. It includes full size patterns for hull stations, rudder and deadwood sections. Visit his website for details. The website also has lots of pictures of the hull building process.


If you have any questions, just email us.