Traditional Sailing Craft Scale Models

Schooners, Skipjacks, Scale Boats, and Other Types

The USVMYG is the premier organization supporting the building, restoration and sailing of vintage model sailing yachts. It is attempting to encourage more vintage boat skippers (owners) to join the group and to get their boats on the water. The Group is also trying to expand outreach to involve more classes of vintage boats. Currently it supports vintage 36 inch, vintage Marblehead, skipjacks, and schooners. It is adding early "A" boats and "other" boats (unrestricted) to the classes supported. The "other" classes include boats such as but not limited to friendship sloops, ketches, yawls, Americas Cup replicas, cat boats and other boats. Additionally as other classes are identified the US VMYG will consider adding them to the list of supported classes.

Class Coordinators

Skipjack Class

John Henderson, 1-443-282-0277

Class Rules

Schooner Class

Kerry O´Malley, 1-717-548-4632

Class Rules

Unrestricted Class

John Stoudt, 1-610-316-8695

Class Rules in Preparation

Early Woodcut of Model Schooner (44K GIF)

The illustration is a wood engraving by the American artist Henry Wolf, who signed his works "Sphynx." It dates from the late 1880's and is titled "He Sailed His Little Schooner-Rigged Boat." Copyright the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, and reproduced with their kind permission.