The 1999 San Francisco M Class Free-Sail Regatta

Held on Historic Spreckles Lake
7-8 August 1999
Part 1: Preparations

Unless Noted, Photographs by Ray Miller

Packed and ready to go. The box carries the hull and the 4" PVC pipe holds the rig. Southwest charged just $35.00 for the oversized luggage, and didn't put a scratch on it. The pictures on the box are to encourage the baggage handlers to be gentle. We kind of annoyed all the people in line at Albuquerque because all the station agents went over to see what was in the box. (Earl Boebert Photo)

Resting up before practice. (Earl Boebert Photo)

The Boathouse at Spreckles Lake. The WPA built most of the ponds in the 1930's; since San Francisco already had one (constructed for model yachting in 1916), they got this lovely Art Deco structure instead.

Skippers and helpers rig and catch up on news in the Boathouse. (Judy Boebert Photo)

Paul Staiger rigs the Lassel vane on his "Sun Kiss," built as a junior high project and sailed seriously here for the first time. The vane is one that Gus Lassel made for sale.

Lemme see ... the port running sheet goes through the starboard block to the port side of the quadrant and the port jib steering sheet goes ....

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