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Planked Models Workshop DVD

Master builder Al Hubbard gave a workshop on plank on steamed frame construction at the Woods Hole Model Boat Show in 1997, and we got it on videotape. Basically a home video, but it gets the point across. He gave the same talk a little differently on two days, and we include both days. In addition, there is a special section by master builder Pete Peterson on "spiling," the art of cutting rather than bending planks to shape. 90 minute DVD (region-free, NTSC).

Available in a combo pack with a companion book on CD that describes plank on sawn frame building and is accompanied by articles from the "The Model Yacht." Book CD and video DVD are $25.00 postpaid in the US and $35.00 postpaid elsewhere in the world. See the US VMYG Store for payment details.