Who We Are

The U.S. Vintage Model Yacht Group is a Special Interest Group of the American Model Yachting Association. Our organizational goals are the preservation, building, and sailing of older model yacht designs, and the study of the history of the sport of model yachting. ``Vintage'' primarily means any older model sailboats no longer sailed (or never raced) in serious competition. These encompass free-sailing model yachts, older designs converted to R/C and pre-1970s R/C sailing models. This includes class racing yachts, non-class sailing models and commercially-built toys of the past. There are also replica models built to the older designs and new designs recreating older sailboat styles.

We also support those who sail traditional sailing craft models, such as schooners, skipjacks, and other scale models. The hulls are generally made of wood, with some fiberglass models, and range in length from one to six feet. The rigs are usually constructed from wood or aluminum, with cotton or dacron sails.

How to Join

AMYA membership is recommended. This will put you in touch with other model yachtsmen in your area and give you access to John Snow's column in the quarterly AMYA journal. To join our group, print the membership form and send it in with $25.00 USA and Canada, $30.00 Overseas, U.S. Funds Only, Please -- the banks kill us on the currency exchanges.

The principal benefit of membership is our three times a year newsletter, which has special material, such as plans and articles, which don't fit well on a web page. There are also the usual benefits of interacting with fellow enthusiasts and getting early word of upcoming activities. In addition, our Group maintains an extensive collection of plans, documents, and other information including consulting help in the restoration of a vintage boat or the construction of a replica. Owing to the fact that this service is run on a volunteer, part-time basis, we must ask that you join the Group before taking advantage of it.